Concepts Decor For Patchwork Dresser

Concepts Decor For Patchwork Dresser – Somewhat difficult to do, however so fairly. The entrance of this patchwork dresser is roofed with small rectangles of paper. This patchwork dresser will also be made utilizing comedian strips and flower footage for instance.

Provides for decor patchwork dresser: 1 handy, Sandpaper (optionally available), Putty (optionally available), Paint and brush (optionally available), Wrapping paper, scissors or cutter pair adhesive wallpaper, brush, and Matt colorless varnish.

Directions for decor patchwork dresser. If the chest of drawers is to be painted, frivolously sand the floor with sandpaper. Substitute the holes with mastic and clean any unevenness. Then comb the dresser. On the entrance of the drawers, make solely a top level view of 1 or 2 cm extensive, the remainder of the floor shall be lined with paper. Utilizing small scissors or a cutter minimize out small rectangles of paper of various sizes and colours. Prepare them as you want to make a pleasant sample. Utilizing a brush, coat the glue papers and place them on the drawers. Let it dry. Apply two coats of Matt clear lacquer to the chest of drawers, in order that the floor is extra resistant and washable. This method might be utilized to many different surfaces, from partitions to desk tops and doorways.