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What You don’t know About the Space

What comes to your mind when you look into the skies? How many things are in the skies is a big question. The space has more to offer than we can imagine. On e true thing about the space is that despite the many questions that we have there are no answers that we can end up having. But one thing we are sure of is that it is vast and beautiful. There is one thing that we do not know about the space, however, which is the extent of the beauty and greatness. There are more questions than answers that you are left with the moment you start to think about the space. There are however great and interesting facts about the space.

There are thousands of the planets in the space. We all know about the famous nine planets. More planets actually do exists. There are only eight planets that are in our solar system. There are very many planets that we cannot even count outside our solar system. There is, however, one sun. There are other stars where you will then get the other planets revolving around. The extra planets that are out this solar system are known to revolve around the other stars that are in thousands. Up-to-date there are very many thousand that have been confirmed by the astronomers. Where you have thought this was a great number, more than 3000are still waiting to be confirmed. The planets being discovered today, however, do not have the qualities to support human life. What these planets are is the hot gas giant that will just be revolving around the various different stars.

Have you ever been to space? If no, listen to me then. When at the space the skin on your feet peels off. There is great microgravity in the space. In moving from one point to another the astronomers cannot be able to use their feet to walk. This, therefore, makes their feet to peel off after softening and flaking off. There is no washing that happens in the space. The astronaut will, therefore, wear the same underwear’s and sock for quite some days. You thus ought to remove the socks in a very gentle way. You will, therefore, have your feet floating in the weightless environment in the space.

If you think a year in the earth is big, a day in the Venus is actually bigger. The main reason you will find this is since there is a lot of time that is used to go round its own orbit. A day will be complete after it goes around the axis and this is something that will take a whole 243 days to be complete. Here comes another great thing that is an amazing fat with space. The size of the sun can be fit by one million earth. The sun is very big.

Regardless of the mystery that is surrounding the space, the only thing we are sure of is its beauty.

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